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24/7 audio Exploding Cinema audio stream (mp3), curated by Tony Cokes.
Every day at night live performance from Lantaren/Venster.

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<bold><color><param>2E2E,2F2F,3333</param><x-tad-bigger>The 2005
edition of IFFR's section Exploding Cinema focuses on sound in
relation to cinema. Subtitled Sound Check, the section consists of a
film programme, several exhibitions, live performances and debates.</x-tad-bigger></color><x-tad-bigger>

</x-tad-bigger></bold><color><param>2E2E,2F2F,3333</param>The IFFR
programme section Exploding Cinema: Sound Check will focus on sound as
independent art form or as main inspirational tool for audiovisual
artists and film-makers. </color>

<color><param>2E2E,2F2F,3333</param>IFFR programmer Edwin Carels
curates this returning, cutting edge IFFR section consisting of film
programmes, exhibitions, presentations and debates. The programme,
this edition subtitled Sound Check, presents manifestations of sound
in relation to and as source of inspiration in several media. </color>

<color><param>2E2E,2F2F,3333</param>- The group exhibition
<bold>murmur</bold> in TENT. features art installations where more
subtle forms of sound can be heard and seen. </color>

<color><param>2E2E,2F2F,3333</param>- The film programme includes
feature length films (<bold>Abbas Kiarostami</bold>'s
<italic>5</italic>; <italic>Une visite au Louvre</italic> by
<bold>Jean-Marie Straub & Danièle Huillet</bold>) and many short(er)

<color><param>2E2E,2F2F,3333</param>- <bold>Matt Hulse</bold>'s
Audible Picture Show, an experimental sound work by <bold>Jonas
Mekas</bold>, animated mini-opera's of Estonian artist <bold>Matti
Kütt</bold>, conceptual video clips by <bold>Tony Cokes</bold> and
<bold>Kirsten Winter</bold>, combining symphonic partitions with
avantgarde animated film.</color>

<color><param>2E2E,2F2F,3333</param>Further Sound Check related IFFR
2005 events are: </color>

<color><param>2E2E,2F2F,3333</param>- <bold>Chinese Whispers</bold>, a
series of daily presentations in art gallery Witte de With by
attending artists and film-makers;</color>

<color><param>2E2E,2F2F,3333</param>- The art installation
<bold>Science Friction </bold>in V2_ (conceived by Spanish artist
<bold>Javier Perez Aranda</bold> in collaboration with composer/sound
artist <bold>Francisco Lopez</bold>);</color>

<color><param>2E2E,2F2F,3333</param>- <bold>Sound Bridges</bold>: the
world premieres of five IFFR commissioned short films inspired by a
new sound track of composer <bold>David Shea</bold> (part of the
educational project <italic>Zien Kijken Filmen</italic> in
collaboration with the Dutch province of Zuid-Holland);</color>

<color><param>2E2E,2F2F,3333</param>- <bold>DVdrome</bold>: presenting
a new genre of DVD's where the alternative, independent music culture
experiments with interesting combinations of sound and images.</color>



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