Originally inspired by Zoe Irvine's "Magnetic Migration Music", for almost three years now, I've been collecting 'cast away tapes', in the streets of Paris and its suburbs, or anywhere else I happen to stumble upon them.
My collection, in the form of an evergrowing series of chronological
montages of fragments from the finds, together with short annotations, can be found online: the 'Found Tapes Exhibition' ...
[ http://www.harsmedia.com/Chronson/FT/ ]
Over the years the number of my finds has gotten to some 112, and with the increasing volume of this collection of, pretty much random, samples from what is playing 'out there' on people's walkmans and car stereo's (for I am convinced that that is where most of these tapes 'came out' of) a fascinating picture emerges; something close to an 'urban personal audio-scape'...

What started out as a 'collecting out of curiosity', over time has become a veritable passion. Recently it almost got me jumping on the track of the
parisian subway ...

Here's an interim report :: "Parfois l'amour tourne a l'obsession ...." --

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Stream (m3u)- http://www.harsmedia.com/Chronson/Playlists/magmig.m3u

Harold Schellinx

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