Berlin.Soundscape-FM : A City of Sounds : 4-8 February 2005

"How would you build a city of sounds?"

Berlin.Soundscape-FM is a collaborative soundwork, featuring field
recordings taken from the city of Berlin, which will be broadcast
locally via FM radio during the Transmediale 05 festival, and archived
in a user-uploadable database complete with an interactive soundmap of
the city.

During the days of 4-8 February 2005, sound artists, amateur sound
hunters, phonographers, among other interested participants, will
collaborate on gathering sounds from different places within the city of
Berlin. A physical workspace, located at the Transmediale Festival in
the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, will be a post-production booth for the
gathered sounds which can be uploaded immediately in a database system.
Uploads can also be made remotely via the Internet. The uploaded sounds
are accessible online via an interactive sound map, and will be
broadcasted via several local FM radio programs in Berlin during the

We are seeking contributions of environmental recordings made in the
city of Berlin during any time period. Be it the sound of autos around
Alexanderplatz, distant Turkish music overheard in Kreuzberg or the rain
hitting the gutter outside a flat window in Friedrichshain, you will be
able to upload it to the Soundscape-FM server by locating your sound on
a scalable map of Berlin.

To contribute, please send an email to derek@xxxxxxxxx with the subject
" login", and please give a short description of
the sounds you would like to upload. Please note that, while "found"
music is acceptable as content, this project is not a forum for people's
bands or solo musical projects. Such tracks, along with direct transfers
of copyrighted material, will be removed. Thanks for understanding ;-) has been created by Sara Kolster, Derek Holzer
and Marc Boon for the Transmediale 05 Festival's BASEMENT workspace,
curated by Carsten Stabenow and Stefan Rikeles. The Soundscape-FM
project was originally commissioned for the Garage Festival 2004, with
inspiration from Yannick Dauby and the Phonographic Migrations series,
and with technical assistance from Olaf Matthes.
contact: derek@xxxxxxxxx

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