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Dear All, 

This message is to invite you to listen online to a special
trial webcast being conducted from Tate Modern in London,
tomorrow, Friday 22  September.  The painter, Robert
Mangold will be delivering an artist's talk in Tate
Modern?s Starr Auditorium tomorrow.  Not only does this
talk mark the launch of a mongraphic book on his work, but
it also marks the occasion of the first webcasting trial
from Tate Modern. 

**** Artist's Talk - Robert Mangold **** 
1730 - 1930 [ GMT ]  
1830 - 2030 [ British Summer Time ] 
1930 - 2130 [ Central European Time ] 
1230 - 1430 [ US Eastern Standard Time ] 
Starr Auditorium, Tate Modern 
London, UK 
One of the world?s most significant living post-war
painters will talk  about his work, marking the launch of a
book on his work. Followed by a wine reception.  Supported
by Phaidon Press.
Presented live online (in audio) using the Real Player. 
Further details are available online at: 
Live audio available at:

To listen to this webcast, you?ll need access to a computer
with a sound card, a connection to the internet (at least
28.8K), and the Real Player installed.  This can be
downloaded for free that the Real Networks website
<http://www.real.com>. The direct link to the free Real
Player is
It would be best if you knew that your computer is able to
play audio in the Real Player before you participate in the
test. Until the  webcast begins at 1730 GMT there will be
no audio available.

This year Tate are operating a pilot programme of
webcasting.  Webcasting is the term used to describe the
real-time delivery of  moving images, moving text and
sound, over the internet.  Webcasting  software allows
internet audiences to listen or watch types of media, 
which have, up until now, been considered too large and
bulky for  consumption over the internet.  
Over the next 6 months, webcasting will operate in a pilot
phase at  Tate Modern within the Education and
Interpretation department.  The  long-term objective is for
the remit of the Webcasting Programme to be  Tate-wide. The
objective is look to the future and thoroughly research 
and test possibilities, which may eventually form the basis
of a long  term plan for webcasting across Tate sites. 
In this pilot phase, aspects of Tate?s public events
programme will be  webcast live to internet audiences, and
events will be documented and  presented on Tate?s website
for audiences to view afterward.  Education  and
interpretation materials will be developed for the
internet, and  online discussion forums introduced.
Webcasting activities being  explored in the pilot phase
- Tate Modern?s Public Events programme 
- The Turner Prize  
- Online Interpretation materials 
- Online Conferences & Discussions 
- Video Conferencing 
- Online Audio Tours 
- Distance learning & Online Courses 
- Workshops and Seminars 

As these trial webcasts are part of a testing process, I
would very  much appreciate it if listeners of the event
can provide qualitative  feedback that will help shape the
character of live webcasts from Tate  Modern in the future.

Your participation is heartily welcomed, and I look forward
to having  you with us online on  Friday. 
Best wishes 
Honor Harger 
Webcasting Curator, Tate Modern 
PH: (44) 020 7401 5066 

<london + amsterdam>    

<honor@xxxxxxxxx>           <http://www.radioqualia.net>

<honor.harger@xxxxxxxxxxx>  <http://www.tate.org.uk/modern/>

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