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The Distorted Media is an interactive sound database. It is growing like an
independent organism. There is no way to predict what it will become: will
it be a sleep inducing new age baby or an exciting noise tumour?  It's up
to you.
This is a free access database: everybody can download and upload sounds
for creative and non-commercial purpose.

The centre of the Distorted Media project is an internet sound database
where people can download a file, do whatever they want with it and then
upload it again.

There are some sounds in the database to start the process: field
recordings, interviews, short wave radios and other things recorded in
Brussels. The identity of the database is now evolving freely, growing in
an organic way and getting further and further from those very concrete
Brussels sounds.

This is a free access and fully automated database. When somebody uploads a
sound, we ask him/her to give us some info about it so it will be possible
for other users of the database to fall upon that particular sound (info
about which languages are used, the presence or absence of melodic
elements, rhythm, synthetic sounds, field recordings and so on). Those are
the criteria of the database search engine.

During the year 2000, the database will be used as a tool for live events
and radio pieces. You'll find info about those events on
http://www.brussels2000.org/distortedmedia and it will be possible to
listen to the radio sessions for the whole year through the Radiolab
website http://www.brussels2000.org/radiolab

info about the first Distorted Media related live events:

sat/zat/sam 26 02 2000
Open!/Ouvert! Brussels 2000, European city of culture).

Ten Weyngaert
2PM > 6PM (with coffee, tea and cakes)
Bondgenotenstraat 54 rue des Allies
1190 Brussels  -  tel 32 (0)2 347 16 86

2PM Kohn (rabbit electronix from Ghent)
3PM Erik M (turntable wiz from Marseille)
4PM Noel Akchote (guitarist and/or anti-guitarist from Paris) & Martin
Tetreault (subversive DJ from Canada)

Lunatheater, i.s.m. Kaaitheater
7.30PM > 11PM
Sainctelettesq. 20 sq. Sainctelette
1000 Brussels  -  tel 32 (0)2 201 59 59

7.30PM  People Like Us (british dadaist plunderphonism)
8.15PM  Tony Conrad (minimalism pioneer & xprmntl filmmaker)
Microstoria (50% Mouse On Mars, 50% Oval)
10PM     Don Joyce (mediaterrorist from the cult band Negativland)

Don Joyce, People like Us, Erik M & Kohn
will use the sounds of the database
utiliseront les sons de la banque de donnees
zullen de klanken van de geluidsbank gebruiken

concerts org. : incident vzw (amarona@xxxxxxxxx)
concerts ticket : open!/ouvert! pass 350BEF/250BEF info 02 214 2000


26  02 2000
15 heures de radio / 15 uren lang radio uitzending / 15 hours long radio
11AM > 2AM  Radio Campus 107.2 FM & FM Brussel 106.5, http://www.brussel

ingredients / ingredienten
mobile studio, Distorted Media soundfiles, concerts (cf. supra), live
remix, spoken words, info, guest artists interventions, ...
de ruimte is toegankelijk voor het publiek
le studio sera accessible au public
it will be possible for the audience to visit the studio
mobile studio = la tentation, rue de Laekenstraat 28, 1000 Brussels

Pierre De Jaeger
30-36 bd Anspachlaan
1000 Brussels

32 2 214 2003

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