Ljubljana, Slovenia / Berlin, Germany
Experimental radio & internet broadcast project
For: investigation of an eXtended Live Radio.

XLR was a 14 days after-the-midnight net & fm (broad)casting project which took place at Radio Student Ljubljana and Kapelica Gallery Ljubljana from August 24th to September 5th 1997.
Initiated by Marko Kosnik, Ulf Freyhoff and Monika Glahn in June 1997. Decision was made on the basis of newly acquired (& not fully aware of...) communication possibility at Radio Student: a 24 hours on-line Internet access. The idea was to explore the (mis-interpreted) possibilities of media, aesthetical and technological (especially on international multi-central level: a project MUU SCHOOL) and to bring the explorations into regular radio practice thus reinterpreting the role of 'alternative' media.
XLR was a joint project of Ulf Freyhoff, Monika Glahn and Dagmar Gabler, Marko Kosnik, EGON MARCH INSTITUTE and Borut Savski MINISTRY OF EXPERIMENT @ Radio Student Ljubljana.


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