Workspace Radio

Kassel, Germany
Temporary media lab
For: producing radio programmes for The Hybrid Workspace project

The Hybrid Workspace was a temporary media lab which operated during the 100 days of Documenta X. For the more than 200 participants, this was the "Summer of Content." Fifteen groups consisting of artists, activists, critics and their guests presented their work, produced new concepts and started campaigns that developed and continued long after the gathering.
"In 1997, at the Documenta X art festival in Kassel, Germany, and the Berlin Biennale, the artists Pit Schultz and Geert Lovink initiated the Hybrid Workspace, a "temporary laboratory" at Berlin's Orangerie: host to "100 days of 100 guests", where artists, musicians, scholars, curators, and activists tirelessly presented performances, lectures, screenings, interviews, and exhibitions to a local and remote public – via internet broadcasts on the radio Website and the Nettime email forum.

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