trimm dich

Berlin, Germany
June, 1997 days
For: a meeting of experimental internet-radio projects

In June of 1998 Berlin hosted the NET RADIO DAYS, the first international meeting of experimental Internet-Radioprojects. Invited by the Berlin-based group convex tv. and by Mikro, a club for the advancement of media cultures in Berlin, members of more than 20 international groups went online and on air together.
Even though some of these have collaborated over the internet for quite some time, for many of them it is the first meeting in "real space". At the same time was made accessible to a larger audience in workshops, presentations and public discussions. Parts of the NET.RADIO DAYS '98 will be broadcasted on air on the public radio stations Radio Fritz and Radio Berlin-Brandenburg; all six NET RADIO DAYS were also be "narrowcasted" non-stop on the internet.

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