Radio TNC (TNC Network)

Paris, France
Since 1995
For: networked radio experiments

Data Jockeys Tina Cassani and Bruno Beusch are the founders of the international production and communications network TNC Network, established in 1995.
Beusch/Cassani pioneered the link-up of radio and Internet. In 1995 they founded the legendary cyber-radio Radio TNC. Radio TNC was one of the very few platforms on which radio, with its techno-aesthetic possibilities, its historically relative nature, its material constraints and limitations, was linked-up to the Internet in a multi-faceted array of combinations. Their networked projects were presented in Ars Electronica Festival (Linz 1996, 1997), Hybrid Workspace/Documenta X (Kassel, 1997), ISEA (Chicago, 1997).

Currently TNC Network is a digital media consultancy specializing in innovative event, cross-media, and communication design. Its focus is on interactive entertainment, digital culture, and emerging communication technologies.

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