RIS (Radio International Stadt) / orang.orang.org

Berlin, Germany
On-line audio archive
For: developing many-to-many medium

In December 1998 the project ORANG has been launched. ORANG stands for the color, the malay word for "human being" and last, but not least for "Open Radio Archive Network Group".

ORANG was the distributed version of Radio Internationale Stadt (RIS), which means that audio content can now be published on different servers. But the access to the entire pool of audio materials on all ORANG systems is assured. Each publishing on one of the associated systems leads to an automated update of the databases of all other systems, within seconds. Besides RIS, there were ORANG systems installed at re-lab.net in Riga, Latvia and Backspace.org, London, UK. ORANG system was developed by Thomax Kaulmann.

ORANG represented a new generation of radio. Unlike the conventional radio systems that only work with transmitter/receiver broadcasting, ORANG was an open audio archive system, based on the internet. Recipients could choose their specific audio content, according to their personal interests, could listen to it anytime and could add content to the system.

Any musician, DJ, artist, independent radio broadcasters, labels, as well as producers of radioplays could become content contributors with ORANG. So ORANG was not a one-to-many, but a many-to-many medium. The software based infrastructure of ORANG corresponded to the open structure and the internationality of the carrier medium, - the internet.

ORANG got hacked in 2003, somebody just deleted all unique audio pieces – about 40 days of audio material from our worldwide community collected over 6 years...


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