Budapest, Hungary
Internet radio
For: new technology, new lifestyle, new culture.

Pararadio from Budapest is an Internet only radio in Hungary. Its three keywords are, according to the initiators: technology, culture and lifestyle. Pararadio was streaming RealAudio in G2.
ParaRadio was launched in 1997 by EastEdge group. Initiators, coordinators and programme editors of ParaRadio are CJ B2Men aka Daniel Molnar (the leader of EastEdge) and Jinx aka Sandor Szabo (member of EastEdge). EastEdge group was set up in 1993 for a contemporary cultural network; they have created the first electronic publication in the Hungarian language about the cyberpunk subculture in 1994. For the launch of the first Hungarian Internet radio (ParaRadio) the group has been hyped worldwide.
ParaRadio was facilitated by Soros Center for Culture and Communication (C3) in Budapest.

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