Amsterdam, The Netherlands
For: streaming media

The Net.congestion festival was held in Amsterdam in October 2000. Net.congestion was an intensive three day celebration and critique of the new cultures that have arisen from all forms of micro-, narrow- and broad-casting via the Internet collectively known as streaming media.

Net.congestion offered a celebration of art and networked technology on the fringes of misuse, a snapshot of the back alleys and secret corners where the real life of the Internet happens. A place where the worlds of experimental art, weird science, club culture and radical politics overlap and collide.

The event covered most of the interesting ground, from the transformation of issues surrounding intellectual property to the uses of streaming as a mobilization tool for global resistance through to the more rarefied questions of aesthetics and how narratives are transformed when embedded in networks.

Original concept – Adam Hyde; editorial/curatorial team – Adam Hyde, Eric Kluitenberg, Honor Harger, David Garcia, Geert Lovink (reader editorial), Galit Eilat (curator of Media Bank).

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