MZX – Ministry of Experiment (Ministrvo za xperiment)

Ljubljana, Slovenia
Since 1997
Broadcasting on-air at Radio Student on 89,3 Mhz, and online
Non-institutionalized collective
For: exploring new principles of radio production

Borut Savski 1960 joined Radio Student in 1983/84, worked as a honorarium collaborator (technician, music specialist, radio broadcast producer) until 1992, then became chief radio producer, also helping organizing and realizing all the experimental media projects at Radio Student.

In the beginning of 1997 the newly formed Ministry of Experiment (MZX) was formed. It was a non-institutionalized collective for public-access and artistic projects utilizing non-existent, non-explored, new, more effective & cheaper, international & local – principles of radio production at Radio Student Ljubljana. Keeper of the Ministry of Experiment and a helping hand at direct transmissions from the 'real' world was Borut Savski, who explored the secrets of internet media and liking it. Others involved in this project were multimedia artist Marko Kosnik (Egon March Institute), sound artist John Grzinich, Katarina Pejovic, as well as Luka Frelih, DJ Nova and others.

In the summer of 1997 MZX participated in an internet radio project XLR – Xtended Live Radio, initiated by Marko Kosnik (Egon March Institute), Ulf Freyhoff and Monika Glahn (Interflugs HdK, Berlin) in June 1997. The intent was to explore and use the basis of newly acquired (& not fully aware of...) communication possibility at Radio Student: a 24 hours on-line Internet access. – MZX website before 2000. – Radio Student – sound structures of Borut's Savski secret 'zen-garden'

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