Radio Lada

Rimini, Italy
Since 1995
Web art radio
For: audio projects, performances and texts

Radio Lada Web Art Radio (WAR!) – the non-stop user-definable art broadcast brought the sounds & images from the net. The content of the project was works for the internet & radio by artists – directors, actors, visual artists, philosophers, media artists, composers/sound artists, writers, radio makers.

Radio Lada has started in 1995 with the help of and inspired by ORF Kunstradio. Radio Lada was involved in projects itself and it organized a festival each year. On the net, besides the projects, it acted mostly as a curator, of audio or performance works on the net as well as of texts. According to Roberto Paci Dalo of Radio Lada the aim was to keep the selection of works limited and the
set up of the site simple, to give the works maximum 'space' and avoid overkill. It was very much like a gallery, yet did use the net well. It presented works of established artists mostly. (Josephine Bosma on mailinglist, July 11, 1998)

A coproduction Giardini Pensili – ORF Kunstradio within L'Arte dell'Ascolto Radio and Art International Festival. Originally created with RAI Audiobox. – old website of Radio Lada

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