Stanford, USA
Since 1947 AM radio, since 1964 FM radio, since 1995 on the Internet
Stanford University radio
For: music and community broadcast

KZSU is a freeform FM radio station broadcasting from the campus of Stanford University in Stanford, California, USA. KZSU broadcasts in stereo at 90.1 FM with an effective radiated power of 500 watts. KZSU began broadcasting on January 6, 1947 as an AM carrier-current station. The station received a noncommercial FM license in 1964. KZSU has also broadcast live on the Internet since 1995. Today, KZSU's all-volunteer staff is made up of assorted locals as well as Stanford students and staff. Current programming at KZSU consists primarily of music, with an emphasis on independent new releases in a wide range of genres.

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