Riga, Latvia
Since 2000
Label and Online sound environment from Baltic
For: ambient, electronic and experimental music

Kolka-Music appeared amid thin gray forest of Latvian artists of the beginning of the 21st century. Its mission is to promote projects of artists and audio designers, who carry out experiments with phonic shapes. Having announced itself with a bright selection of sounds-symbols collected in the compilation Kratzputz Konzentrat it founds a basement for development of Clicks & Chano in Latvia. "Clicks" is a short circuit in wires of s.o.h.o. sound equipment often used by artists of Kolka-Music, while "Chano" is a place of jam.
Geographically Kolka is a spot on the map, a border between polluted, idle water of Riga's gulf and boundless space of cool marine freshness. The same in music: Kolka-Music parts stagnant cliches from unbridled, inexhaustible sounds' palette.


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