London, UK
Since 1997
Internet radio
For: DJs music

InterFace, exists entirely on the Internet. This is entirely legal, although it began life as an illegal pirate, Face FM.
Patrick, Philipa, Steve and Ashley are the main team behind Interface. Ashley who founded interface, originally ran a pirate radio station (Heart FM) from a block of flats in South London in the early 90s Continued confiscation of equipment made him think seriously about alternatives. The result was an internet project that is now one of cyberspace's success stories.
The radio station is "non-commercial" and the project is supported by donations from hardware and software producers and interface's own crew. DJs pay per set as a contribution to the costs of transmitting music down an ISDN line (wide band telephone line) to computer servers, around the world. These then relay the music and site content to up to 1 million "visitors" per week (info from the end of '90ties).
Interface were involved in developing the software (Real Audio) that they use with 'AL Digital'.
In the of '90ties they webcasted mostly "drum & bass" repertoire.

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