Since 1995 (homestudio on 1999-2007)
On-line music platform
For: sound and music experimentations on net

Homestudio is experimental lab and on-line musical platform developed by Jerome Joy, net artist and composer based in France.
The website is online since 1995. First named "Habitation" and "Metamusique" when it was hosted in France (Imaginet/CIRM/Manca), it became from 1999 to 2007 on The Thing server in NYC. Since August 2007, it's located on - an experimental server and portal for various media artists in the US and Europe.
Conceived like an extended and on-line studio in order to develop sound and music experimentations on networks, it's also the access place to the various projects Jerome Joy develop around collaborative initiatives and on-line sound systems (Collective JukeBox, Forum Hub, AudioLab, nocinema, and so on). - not available February 6, 2009; was located on The Thing server 1999-2007, now moved to: - offers access to the "old" websites and/or to screen captures - Live Composition, website of Jerome Joy

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