FirstFloor Radio

Linz, Austria / Vancouver and Montreal, Canada
Since 1997
Internet radio, sometimes rebroadcasted in FM (Radio FRO)
For: experimental radio programmes

Firstfloor.electronix is an international group and online-community of computer professionals in the arts (since 1995).

FirstFloor Radio initiative was started in 1997 by Matthew Smith together with Markus Decker, DJ Goulash aka Andy Hunterother, and other artists, musicians and DJs based in Linz, Vienna. They were streaming high-bandwidth stream from Ars Electronica Center to their neighbors - the Stadtwerkstatt and the Cableradio station FRO (which are in the same building) and Radio FRO then took their near-cd quality stream and put it on the cable. In 1997 FirstFloor Radio also together with Radio FRO co-produced an experimental radio show for Kunstradio's project "Recycling the Future", which was an experiment of a two hours live webcast, connecting actors in Linz (Ars Electronica Festival) and Kassel (Documenta X). It was also re-broadcasted on the Austrian National Radio and contained other experimental elements.

From 1998 FirstFloor Eastside continued webcasting of their experimental online radio shows from Vancouver and Montreal, when its main founder Matthew Smith moved to Canada. FirstFlooRadio was featuring lots of stuff also of the Xchange link page there in VancouverBC on CITR 101.9FM, and provided more or less permanently streams online.
Markus Decker is running firstfloor live audio webcast from Linz

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