Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Since 1996
24h radio-television on the Internet
For: artist-run live radio and multimedia community

Independent commercial-free Internet broadcast pioneer in the Netherlands, based in Amsterdam. DFM members have been broadcasting live from their home studios, from locations like alternative bars, parties, events or from the DFM studio in Amsterdam. The DFM Amsterdam Internet/radio/TV studio is suited for regular programs, DJ'ing or post-production but also to receive/record/broadcast guest artists/DJ's and small acoustic and/or electronic performers/groups.

Members are in: Amsterdam, Berlin, Weimar, Devon, Aberdeen, San Francisco, Los Angeles.
Contributors from: Japan, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, UK, France, Spain, Finland, Scotland, USA. Including traces from: Radio 100, Radio Rabotnik TV, Radio WHS, Radio Got, Staalplaat.

http://www.desk.nl/~dfm (old website), now moved to: http://dfm.nu

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