convex tv.

Berlin, Germany
1997-1999, live on the first Sunday of every month (in internet and Berlin wavelength)
For: developing radio programmes on digital culture

Now defunct Berlin based media group. convex tv. has existed as a net radio collective with some ten members recruited from the fields of art, art conveyance, journalism, (media) architecture and psychology. From the outset, convex tv. focused on intertwining old and new media and associated production methods and approaches. In this process, the collective has operated on various terrains – on air, on-line, on site – to take in work with radio and the Internet as well as establish a live presence.
convex tv. has simultaneously broadcast on a Berlin wavelength and the Internet a 1-hour programme. In collaboration with Radio Internationale Stadt/, the web pages of convex tv. archive print articles and experimental works based on sound as well as text and image. This database encompassed some 50 hours of audio material.
convex tv. team were Benjamin Beck, Florian Clausz, Martin Conrads, Christian Flor, Micz Flor, Ulrich Gutamir, Anja Heilmann, Stefan E. Schreck, Tanja Lay, Kito Nedo.

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