Berliner Theorie

Berlin, Germany; Linz, Vienna, Austria
Since 1997
Web audio project
For: live networked concerts

Berliner Theorie is a web audio project formed by two musicians/sound artists Sam Auinger and Rupert Huber in 1997 during their stay in Berlin where they created a series of Hauskonzerte (House Concerts) – a network of real and data spaces. The sounds from each of the live concerts was fed directly into the Internet where it could be heard in real-time and was also recorded as a RealAudio file. Between each Hauskonzert the audio file was accessible on the web (RealAudio format) – until the next concert was recorded over it. A short audio file extract from each Hauskonzert was always preserved as a symbolic representation on the web. Various collaborators were invited to contribute to the house concerts. Berliner Theorie investigates ambient sound space through improvisation and homemade instruments. They used radio as both a medium and an instrument to create musical landscapes that are raw, exposed, and wide open to interpretation. – previous Berliner Theorie pages

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