Backspace Radio

London, UK
internet radio (also an art server and media lab)
For: webcasting experiments, sound and music

Backspace was a self supporting centre for loose learning and communication and a successful expression of independence in the face of relentless commercialization and co-option of all but the most resilient, holding the line, across the grain. (James Stevens)

As of 8pm 22.12.99 Backspace was closed; ending 45 months, 6 days a week of continuous activity, the only non commercial public access to technology resources and the Internet in the UK.

More than 2000 individuals subscribed to the space at some time or other, many thousands more have visited the web site and the space from round the world, made their mark or been in contact.

Backspace was one of the most active “nodes” in Xchange open channel collaborative broadcasting sessions in 1998 and 1999. PPP News (PPP – Personalized Persuasive Propaganda) were produced by Rachel Baker specially for Xchange co-sessions. Backspace Radio streams were maintained by Gio d'Angelo, James Stevens, and others.

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