Berlin, Germany
Website of audio links, monthly editions
For: sonic net art

Audiohyperspace was a website that “guided through the jungle of Internet sound data and explored the development of sonic net art”. The website monthly selected, presented and reviewed network/web based audio art, sonic media art and its related discourses. It was a part of the radio art online program of Southwestgerman Radio's cultural channel SWR2. AudioHyperspace provided the links to acoustic interactivity and audio web art, experimental radio on demand, audio archives, radio stations live online, background info. The main goal of Audiohyperspace according to editor Sabine Breitsameter was to create an aesthetic-communicative experience within a culture of listening. Sabine Breitsameter creates radiophonic essays for the SWR 2 on-air-program to intensify the discourse on the topic. They were available as live streams as well as on demand. – not available (February 3, 2009)

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