Internet resources, when involved in the creation of content become
nothing more than a re-contextualization of data which raises the
question of how much is the Internet able to absorb reused information.
Is it possible that important ideas might get lost amongst an ocean of
data? Futhermore due to this loss of authorship how much can an Internet
user trust the content? What is real and what is fraudulent? What should
be treated as digital trash and what as a valuable content?

At we treat all content from the internet by
analyzing digital information, that when reused could help people to
solve certain problems. An example of one such project is *carpet/?s*
for which Internet material is used for generating the design, which is
then sent to a factory for weaving a real carpet. Another project,
an automatic email answering machine helps people answer personal
emails. Finally a very practical project is the *ascii/?s*, which allows
authors to get money into their account by simply clicking
commercial ads delivered by the Google AdSense program. will launch on the 18th of March by miga,
Wilsnackerstr 61, S-Bahn Bellevue or U-Bahn Turmstr, house in a backyard,
first floor, in Berlin. Martin Kuentz (noise) and Karsten
Asshauer aka various-euro (remixes) will perform live at 21:00 CET on
local MHz and at www -

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