V2_ presentations at the 35th International Film Festival Rotterdam

During the 35th International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR), V2_ premiers
the new version of Unknown Quantity (2005), a film by Andrei Ujica.
Additionally, TEA TIME TV, a series of guest interventions, talks,
workshops and telepresentations, will be presented at Witte de With as
part of the Satellite of Love exhibition and the IFFR's Exploding
Television program.


Dates: Thursday 26 January ? Sunday 5 February 2006, 12:00-18:00 hrs
Location: V2_, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam
Admission: free
Website: http://www.v2.nl | http://www.filmfestivalrotterdam.com

During the 35th International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR), V2_ presents
Unknown Quantity, a film by Andrei Ujica. Unknown Quantity features the
staging of a discussion between philosopher Paul Virilio and writer
Svetlana Alexievich, based on her book bearing witness to the Chernobyl

The viewer is gradually brought to realize that Svetlana Alexievich is in
fact a stalker by profession. She has come from the dead zone to pay a
visit to Virilio in a public library. And what is Virilio himself, if not
a stalker who fled to the big city many years ago?

The presentation during IFFR is the premiere of the new version of Unknown
Quantity. IFFR will also screen Andrei Ujica's debute Videogramme einer
Revolution (1992) and his second film Out of the Present (1995), with, as
a special introduction, a lecture by Peter Sloterdijk.


Dates: Friday 27 January ? Wednesday 1 February 2006, 15:00 hrs
Location: Witte de With/TENT., Witte de Withstraat 50, Rotterdam
Admission: free
Website: www.v2.nl | www.explodingtelevision.net
Live video stream available from http://www.v2.nl/live
Online moderation by Lotte Meijer

On 26 January 1926, television pioneer John Logie Baird gave a first
successful public demonstration of image transmission. Eighty years later,
the IFFR brings you Tea Time TV, a series of guest interventions, talks,
workshops and telepresentations streaming from Satellite of Love, the
headquarters of a veritable TV commune located at Witte de With, center
for contemporary art, and TENT. Center for Visual Arts.

These Tea Time TV series focus on artist and activist interventions with
television. Tetsuo Kogawa will take a rare break from his primary love ?
radio ? to lead a ?Build your own TV? workshop. Artists Geert Mul, Perry
Bard, and The Yes Men will discuss the fragile connection between
representation and truth in broadcast culture. Focusing on artist and
activist interventions with television, the Tea Time TV sessions are
online streamed events, each afternoon in the Auditorium (2nd floor) of
Witte de With during IFFR. In addition to Tea Time TV, Satellite of Love
hosts TV dinners with warm meals and elaborate screening programs.

Friday 27 January, 15:00 hrs
DIY_TV will focus on the growing phenomenon of independent microTV
broadcasters. With Franco Berardi (rekombinant.org), Hanna Harris
(ISEA2004), Annalisa Pelizza (Telestreet), and moderator Rob van
Kranenburg (Virtueel Platform).

Saturday 28 January, 15:00 hrs
SILENT_TV will be a telematic workshop with Tetsuo Kogawa (Tokyo Keizai
University) and Adam Hyde (r a d i o q u a l i a) on how to build your own
tv. By building transmitters the workshop participants inevitably
deconstruct broadcasting, challenging their own notions of what
broadcasting is now and what it could be.
Registration for this workshop via <info@xxxxx> is necessary as there will
be a limited number of places available. All parts and tools provided

Sunday 29 January, 15:00 hrs
GATED_TV will deal with copy right issues vs open archives, open source,
open archives. What new potential does digital television usher in for the
creative viewer? If viewing behavior can be monitored and recording
severely restricted, who ends up watching whom ? is this genuinely an
issue restricted to merely upholding a lexicon of copyrights?
With Cory Doctorow (Electronic Frontier Foundation), Juha Huuskonen
(Pixelache), Jennifer Rigby (BBC Creative Archive), Syb Groeneveld
(Creative Commons Netherlands), Rachel Baker (Ambienttv.net and Arts
Council of England), and others. Moderated by Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm
(IP Lawyer).

Monday 30 January, 15:00 hrs
TRUTH_TV will bring together several artists to discuss their work
exploring the nature of truth as represented by television.
With Geert Mul (artist), Perry Bard (artist), and The Yes Men (culture
jammers). Moderated by Stephen Kovats (V2_, Institute for the Unstable

Tuesday 31 January, 15:00 hrs
DISH_TV will deal with satellites and the constellations around global
television. How can the artist challenge the already ubiquitously
innocuous technology and its accompanying baggage of eidetic imagery?
DISH_TV will dive into the question of satellites and the constellations
around global television, with Mark Bain (simulux), Menno Grootveld
(Rabotnik TV), Mauzz (DDS), Ewen Chardronnet  (elipse). Moderated by Adam
Hyde (r a d i o q u a l i a).

Wednesday 1 February, 15:00 hrs
AVANT_TV will deal with the ambiguous interaction between art and television.
With Raimundas Malasauskas (CAC TV), David Garcia (N5M),  and Ian White
(Whitechapel Gallery). Moderated by Emily Pethick (CASCO Projects).

For most recent update, see www.explodingtelevision.net

Curatorial team: Edwin Carels, Adam Hyde, Stephen Kovats
Special thanks to all participating artists and television units, V2_,
Institute for the Unstable Media, Stifo (Stimuleringsfonds voor
Nederlandse Culturele Omroepproducties), HGIS-Cultuur, Mondriaan
Foundation, Witte de With, VPRO Digitaal, Apple, Dutchview, Tiscali, and
the French Embassy in The Netherlands.

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