Hi Davide,

> I 've got just a simple question to ask...does anyone know a PDA
> software that allows you to broadcast sound via internet

Webstreaming from a PDA looks like it should be simple, but actually it's a bit more complicated than you might think. Most PDAs lack a processor for floating point numbers, which is essential to most audio computation. So realtime encoding of any decent quality is very difficult.

However, if you'd still like to investigate, I'd suggest using either a Zaurus (which runs Linux natively) or installing Linux on an IPaq. Then you can check out some of the normal Linux streaming softwares. I've had results doing MP3 encoding with Shine (a fixed-point port of another MP3 encoder), at least in terms of speed and not necessarily quality:


Let me know if you need more technical info on this, as I prepared a report on audio for portable devices earlier this year for STEIM in Amsterdam.

You might also have better luck looking at Voice over IP software like Skype for the PDA, and then using that to call your streaming computer.

good luck!


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