<x-rich><color><param>0000,0000,FFFA</param>Hello creative comrades, friends
and wonderful artistic associates - 

Apologies in advance for this impersonal group email, but we wanted to
send a new year's greeting from and introduction to <bold>Unreasonable
Adults</bold>. We've sent this to you as you have either known of our
work, worked with us before, are ongoing collaborators or have
supported/trained various group members in the past... or we would
like to work with you!



</color><bold>Unreasonable Adults</bold> has evolved from over a
decade of variable independent performance, sound art/music and new
media & film practices, self-instigated collaborations and residencies
nationally and internationally - including (since 1993) Safe Chamber,
queer non-object oriented radio signal (qnoors), Para//elo [Open
Platform], Time_Place_Space laboratories, Pretty Boy Crossover, Soft
Crash, Savage Wit and residencies at Banff Centre, Canada.<bold>
</bold>We have been incredibly busy.

Collectively, and individually/independently, our work has been
presented in Australia at such places as Sydney Mardi Gras (cLUB
bENT), Art of Dissent (Melbourne Festival), Midsumma (Melbourne),
Telstra Adelaide Festival, BEAP 2004 (PICA, Perth), Feast Lesbian and
Gay Festival, Adelaide & Melbourne Fringe Festivals, Salamanca Arts
Centre (Tasmania), Australian Centre for the Moving Image (Melbourne),
Flickerfest International Film Festival, Media Resource Centre
(Adelaide), Performance Space (Sydney), InSpace (Adelaide) and in many
regional and remote areas. Internationally, our various work/s have
been developed, seen and heard in Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy,
Latvia, Holland, France, London, Glasgow, in several North American
cities (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco,
Washington DC...), in Asia (China, Japan) and in Canada. We continue
to forge ties and develop ongoing collaborations with many
international collaborators and artists.<bold>

Unreasonable Adults </bold>: a name that encompasses far more than
artistic practice.<color><param>0000,0000,0000</param> It speaks of a
desire to be sudden, difficult and lost for words in a complex,
unstable and deranged contemporary world. This australian ensemble
make Live Art work and generate ideas for new and varied spaces.
Driven by a sense of solidarity in our ensemble, the work is driven by
the dedicated collective of artists: working within an international
cultural landscape and lineage of makers and thinkers, artists who are
drawn to each other from various disciplines and backgrounds. 

<bold>Unreasonable Adults</bold> are interested in the way audiences
see artists and how artists see audiences. We are a band, traversing
and touring through environments, states, countries and contexts.

Live art ensemble:

Caroline Daish, Jaye Hayes, Stephen Noonan, Kerrin Rowlands, Jason
Sweeney, Ingrid Voorendt, Julie Vulcan. 

Core associates and ongoing advisers:

PVI collective (Collaborators/Conspirators), Alyson 'Daisy' Brown
(Outside Eye), Sam Haren (Inside Eye), Nicole Lowrey (Sound
Maker/Performer), Steve Mayhew (Keen Eye), Helen Omand (Creative
Comrade), Astrid Pill (Performer), Martin Potter (Video
Artist/Production), Fiona Sprott (Writer), Dawn Weiner (Tech support &
creative visions), Virtual Artists, House of Laudanum & r a d i o q u
a l i a (Web heavenlies). 

<underline>Recent projects include:</underline>

<bold><italic>Outside World</italic></bold><italic> </italic>(2004) 

- a 1 month intensive performance-making and media lab in a converted
butcher shop in Mile End, Adelaide. 

<bold><italic>Peculiar</italic></bold><italic> </italic>(2003) 

- a solo cinema-performance work by Jason Sweeney, first performed at
Feast Lesbian & Gay Festival, Iris Cinema, MRC, Adelaide. 

<italic>Both of these projects were supported by Para//elo [Open

<underline>Upcoming in 2005:</underline>

Live work for <bold>Club Kooky</bold>, Sydney, Australia - 16 January.

National Review of Live Art<bold> </bold>(solo live works by UA
members) - Midlands, Perth, WA, Australia 6-9 April.

<bold><italic>The End of Romance.</italic> </bold>New work premiering
at Theatreworks, Melbourne, Australia - July/August.

<bold><italic>Peculiar. </italic></bold><italic>(Re-visioning).


Performance-making, writing and live media workshops (please contact
us for more info).

International & national residencies by group and individual members.

See UA website for updated and archived information & projects:


You can contact us via email:

If you would like to propose a project to us, ask us a question,
invite us to play/present or say hello, we'd love to hear from you.

Dank u wel,

Jason </color>


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