Call for submissions is looking for a composed or sampled
"bit" of digital audio to be featured on the website along with other composers
and bitmeisters. encourages more than one bit
submission but submitting just one single bit is also
perfectly fine. A submitted bit of digital audio can
be no more than one (1) second long. There is,
however, NO MINIMUM duration/length.

Each audio bit will be reviewed and hyped on the
website by Jeremy Turner (Vancouver, Canada) and Janne
Vanhanen (Helsinki, Finland). If we collect enough
bits, there will be a Top-10 (and maybe even Top-40)
countdown that will be moderated by Turner and
Vanhanen. Criteria for critical approval will be
partially based upon these qualities:

A: Aesthetic integrity of the submission.

B: The degree of "bitness" that the submitted audio
piece posseses (songs and loops are prohibited).
	There will be 2 categories under which the submitted
bits will be assessed and exhibited:

1. NuBits
Each submitted bit in this category will be originally
composed - in other words, without any recognizable
audio content. This bit can still be a "found" sample
as long as the source-content has been sufficiently
obscured to become an original composition.

2. ClassicBits
Each submitted bit in this category contains
recognizable content and can be a tiny sample from
one's favourite song and/or composition. This category
can include bits that were made from hybrid sample
sources but where the content is still
representational and/or recognizable. If this bit
contains recognizable content, please mention and give
sufficient credit to the originators of the sample

For classic bits, even if the source is not of your
making, it is still "your" bit as you chose the bit
youself and legally, 3 seconds is the minimum a source
can claim reasonable copyright. Crediting your source
is a courtesy and may help visitors to the site gain
an appreciation of your ClassicBit.

Please submit your audio bit with its title and sample
credits (if it is a ClassicBit) in either MP3 or WAV
format to bitbot@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Attached audio file
size should not exceed one megabyte (1MB).

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