Fifth International Biennial of Radio
FromMay 17th to 21st, 2004,Mexico

Radiophonic Competition


1. All entries must have been produced or broadcasted afterApril 1st,
2002. The competition is held in 7 categories:
. Radio Reporting
. Radio Drama (single programs)
. Radio Magazine
. Children Programs
. Ethnical Programs
. Radio Art
. Musical Programs

2. Each production must follow the next guidelines:

a. The entry fee must be completed typewritten or computer written with
the purpose of including the participants exact data in the catalogue.

b. Four copies of the program in compact disc.

c. Original receipt of inscription entry fee.

d. For the non Spanish programs, original script plus three copies
translated into Spanish.

3. The envelopes, the program copies and the cases must have the
following information typewritten or computer written on a label:
. Title of the program
. Inscription category
. Time of the program submitted
. Country of origin
. Name of the responsible to whom the award will be delivered
. Telephone number of the responsible including international and
national country codes
. E-mail

4. The entry fee is 400 Mexican pesos per each 30 minute program or
less, and 500 Mexican pesos for each more than 30 minutes program. The
entry fee must be made through:
. Deposit or Money order in the name of "Quinta Bienal Internacional de
. Credit card through the web page

5. The deadline for entry submissions isMarch 5th, 2004, at17:00hours.
Participants must sing up at:

Radio Educación,
Ángel Urraza 622, Col. Del Valle,
C. P. 03100, México, D.F.

6. For custom reasons, each foreign compact disc will have to be
declared at a one dollar value at the time of packing and must be
insured for its shipment through shipping services (DHL, UPS, FedEx,
etc.). The shipment expenses, the insurances and the duty customs must
be covered by the responsible.


7. Three prizes will be awarded in Mexican pesos or its equivalent in US
dollars according to the current money exchange of the transaction day
as follows:

First Place: 25,000 pesos

Second Place: 20,000 pesos

Third Place: 15,000 pesos

The expenses by concept of banking transferences for the payment of the
prizes will be on behalf of the beneficiaries.

8. The winners will be announced onMay 21st, 2004, during an award
ceremony at the closing of the "Quinta Bienal Internacional de Radio",
to be held at the Centro Nacional de las Artes.

9. The deliberations of the jury are in private and final. Its decision
can not be legally contested.

10. The jury reserves the rights to declare deserted any prize.

Criteria and conditions

11. The Biennial is not responsible for any problems for the
reproduction of the programs.

12. Each program can be inscribed only in one category.

13. Productions may not contain any commercial advertising.

14. The authors of awarded works yield the rights to the organizers for
their reproduction, distribution and diffusion.

15. Non winning programs will be at the disposal of the participants
untilJune 4th, 2004.

16. Any production failing to comply with these rules may be
disqualified from the competition by the organizers or the responsible
adjudication panel.

17. Any problemthat may arise up during the competition will be solved
by the organizers.

18. Inscription to this competition implies acceptance of all rules
above established.

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Argentinierstr. 30a
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