Here are a couple of Quicktime movies I've put on the web.

They were made with iMovie's "slideshow" feature from digital stills...
Each has an Inuktitut music sound track.

You are welcome to pass on the addresses to anyone you think might like them.

The first features stills from the National Archives of Canada and images from the Canada Day 2001 "Traditional Costumes" competition I was asked to judge in Arviat, Nunavut.
Size: 40.6 K

The second is the "Suluk Family on the Land" movie shot at a family pick-nick during the summer of 2003 a couple of miles out on the tundra from Arviat, Nunavut at the family cabin.
Size: 83.2 K

You will need a Quicktime player for MAC or Windows to play them.
All MACs should have the program already... but you can get the latest version and if your Windows PC does not have Quicktime, you can download either version here....

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