New release by Zen Savauge (USA)

Zen Savauge - Contrast

"The world is a cup filled to the brim of feuding forces" 

Contrast, Zen Sauvage's follow up to his debut Subsource release,
Inconnu (, is a solid body of musical
architecture based off the idea of various oppositional mediums in
effect throughout our realities and world. This album skirts the
boundaries of anti-pop and presents itself as a rare experiment into the
ever-increasing underground realm of techno-sculpturalism.

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Through the adept manipulation of countless audio design tools coupled
with various acoustic instruments played by the artist himself, Jason
Corder (Zen Sauvage; aka Off The Sky) creates a vivid spectrum of
emotional variation. He maintaining a delicate balance of noise on
melody, creating a tense yet somber journey through a seemingly
post-apocalyptic cityscape of techno decay submerged under a watery
blanket of pixilated distortion.

"Throughout the planning of this album I had many ideas of where to take
the music in order to best represent my base concept of contrasting
forces. I finally had to narrow my ideas down by simply focusing on
creating an oscillating mood between the tracks.  While some tracks are
dark and ominous other tracks are light and more comfortable to listen
to.  It's probably my most bi-polar release to date."
Zen Savauge

Thank you
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