Dear Artists, Organizers, Producers and Friends,

As a result of many current inquiries, the submission deadlines for all areas of the backup-festival have been extended from July 31 to August 15. We are also very sorry not only for the downtime of our website from the 29th to the 30th of July, but also for the short submission period this year. 

The backup_festival 2003 calls for international participation in the lounge|lab. 

Testing Truth - XOR
The metaphoric quality of binary code forms the thematic starting point of this year's »backup.lounge|lab«. Around this central point revolves the question of medial construction and delivery of information in the tense field between fact and fake and the related forms of the collective construction of opinion. In regard to this backdrop, how can artistic positions be formulated as a relationship between code and culture?

Once again, the method of working will be based upon the idea of open source (the aim is to create artistic works that are able to display the melting into one another and overlapping as a continuous  process). In the »backup.lounge|lab« the coherent relationship between producer and recipient will be dissolved in order to enable a dynamic network of collaboration. Together with a workshop leader, the invited participants will put a continual recontextualization of the spatial structures into motion during a 10-day laboratory phase. This process will be continued through the four days of the backup 2003, should enable the festival guests to be equally-empowered actors and not only be an immersive experience for them, but also an experience where they can exert direct influence.

This announcement is directed at creative types in all disciplines. Awards and honorariums will not be granted.


Please send us your application postmarked by August 15, 2003 with documentation of one realized work, a short biography and the completed questionnaire (it's available online and in PDF format on http://www.backup-festival.com/).

The selection of participants will be made by a curating-team of the backup_festival on the basis of the submitted applications. Those invited are distinguished by the style and quality of their realized works, their artistic investigation of the above-named topics, their collaborative method of working and their readiness for making their own work available for the access to and the infringement by the other participants, as well as a good knowledge of English.

The decision will be made public by August 31, 2003. Invitations and rejections will be delivered by Email.

The workshop, which includes the festival, will take place between October 20, 2003 and November 2, 2003. Essential technical equipment will be provided; travel expenses and accommodation will be covered by backup-festival.

We will be glad to receive your entries and we will be pleased if you offer
the information to interested artists.

Best regards,
Juliane Fuchs

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