Last two days of BORDERZAP-exhibition of experimental radio department
bauhaus university weimar at icamp/new theatre munich.  
24 hrs live-streaming from location including independent news coverage on
nato-conference sound-art and live performances. 
url for streams are found at: --> click on
aside the regular program, we would like to headlight following events for
sunday feb 9th and monday 10th, feb: 
SUNDAY, FEB 9th 2003  
(all times in CET! check:  
from 5 - 7 pm: "streaps",  
highly interactive open-mixed streaming session, streaps is an online mixer
engine, which one can access via webinterface to mix togehter with other
particpants up to 6 ogg vorbis streams at  once. url: 
between 7 - 8 pm: "schneetreiben im fruehling" (live radioplay) by 
ben fouquet, henrik hentschel, fabina keuhlein & flrian woehrl. 
8 - 10 pm: "zapped borders", pingfm  
live audio/video noise-show, 
10 - 11pm live presentation of david moufangs,   class "pop & underground" 
11 - open end: party with move d aside others   
MONDAY, FEB 10th, 2003: 
between 6 - 8 pm: trebor scholz and his students, nyc, regarding personal
stories of border experiences 
between 8 - 10 pm: station r.o.s.e., frankfurt,,
abstract STReam 
from 10 - 12 pm: "streaps",  highly interactive open-mixed streaming
session, with participation AudioLab Villa Arson Nice,,,  
from 0 -1 am, oima, live sound perfromance, south devon, u.k., 
finito & out 
 >The experimental radio of the bauhaus university "studio b11" is 
>organizing an international webcast lounge and exibition called "border 
>zap" with the subject of border relations. It cooperates with the 
>i-camp/Neues Theater and is supported by the Kulturreferat of the LH 
>"border zap" is an answer of the experience we have made with borders in 
>Therefore "border zap" is a moving around, a crossing and exceeding, a 
>take on and reject and an experience with real and imaginary borders of 
>our every day life 
>The works show a wide spectrum of different articultions and deal with 
>political, abstract, stereophone and theoretical aspects of borders and 
>their outllook 
>Besides the permanent exhibition there will be a permanent live stream 
>to the internet with international contributions from new york, nice, 
>ljubljana and vienna. 
>At the same time the NATO is organizing a conference for corporate safty 
>policy in munich. One of the topics of this conference will be the 
>globalization and virtual borders. So this event will also have an 
>influence of the content and character of the programm. 
>The visitors and listeners have the possibility to make their own 
>borderexperiences via radioplays, radiostreaming, installations and 
>video productions 

..........pingfm..... ...  ..  .   .   
live audio/video, every sunday from 20:00 CET
at, irc-net-chat: #pingfm

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