Hello all,

this saturday we are organizing a mediafestival against war in Iraq. I would
be great if you participate and contribute to this unique interactive TV

You can either re-broadcast the signal (we created a TV interface) or you
might want to contribute. Artist contributions from outside Berlin can be
made online via streaming, email, ftp or web. If you have any questions,
mailto: joy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sorry for crossposting!

Please read the text below for detailed information:


No War Media Marathon -
1000 minutes of interactive streaming broadcast to protest the war in Iraq

Live on TV and the internet
February 8-9, 2003

->Time: 16:00 CET - 6:00

The No War Media Marathon is a Remote TV broadcast media festival open to
artists, musicians, designers, writers and other voices of creative
opposition that wish to contribute to a proactive demonstration against the
proposed war in Iraq.

Remote TV is an interactive TV format, which allows
anyone to send audio and video signals via the internet onto TV.

The marathon is a demonstration by and with creatives from Germany as well
as remote contributions from the rest of the world. On February 8 and 9th,
the No War Media Marathon does not take place on the paved streets, but on
the shared international space of the television and the internet. For 1000
minutes, creatives are invited to use their medium to promote their position
against the war in Iraq.

The performances are various and spontaneous;
Designers contribute animations, musicians play songs, theoreticians discuss
the political situation, VJs mix Visuals, and dancers reflect the topic of
war in performances. In short, the scope of the artistic
reaction to the proposed war can be merged by the internet.

Guests: John Hopkins, Attac , Chaos Computer Club, Honeysuckles, Maximilian
Hecker,Stefan Dissmer, Goslab, Moonradio, TwenFM DJs, Superschool, Sebastian
Lüttgert, Peter Krell,Indymedia, Ulrike Gabriel, Pit Schulz, Ping FM, Meso,
Cartel Communique, Eclectic Method,Tomax Kaulmann, Mitte Karaoke,
Goslab,Visomaten,Sacha Benedetti,Daniel Pflumm, frathese toys, bandolero
sound system, Jeansteam,dj shirkhan, mitte karaoke (tbc), heavy rotation +
mc santana(wmfclub),Christine Lang, Sean Snider, Neonman, Femmes with fatal
breaks, drifting friends, kanalB

Artist contributions from outside Berlin can be
made online via streaming, email, ftp or web.
mailto: joy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The audience can participate online, by telephone and in the
TV broadcast demonstration. Contributions are integrated into the

The transmission is produced as  a live show and is
at the same time a real time event in physical space in Berlin. The
presentations of the artists take place
on a central stage, visitors can join in on the discussion or
create their own individual actions.

The transmission is a free of charge non-commercial stream to TV signal.
The distribution is made by broadband internet. The TV interface consists of
a video window with live video and text, contributed by artists and
audience. TV stations simply take the PAL interface as a video signal and
broadcast on TV (www.remote-tv.de/tv)
1000 minutes can be accessed in open channel-land and in the internet via

Public access TVs and radio broadcast to date:

Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Hanover,
Magdeburg, Rostock, Kiel

Radio 100 Amsterdam

-> Mediapartner: www.berlinergazette.de

-> Partner: Offener Kanal Berlin, Superschool, Bootlab, KanalB, Klubradio,
twenFM, Streamminister

Ultimately, with Remote TV, the viewer becomes the producer of his own TV
show. A multimedia PC with internet connection and a video camera is
everything that is needed to get started.

Remote TV invites participation from
home onto TV and back home again.

Remote TV is currently represented live in the Transmediale 03 Festival,
Berlin and in the Film Museum German Kinemathek

Klaas Glenewinkel
Schoenhauser Allee 155
10435 Berlin

mailto: klaas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tel.:++49 30 447 354 25
Fax :++49 30 446 538 72

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