Kunstradio Live Tonight  23:05 - 23:45 pm CET / 22:05 - 22:45 GMT

Improvisation & rausch n
by das fax mattinger
(wolfgang fuchs - radio, laptop, alexander wallner - radio, analog
effects, guitar, mariella greil ? dance)

on line (audio and webcam): http://kunstradio.at
on air: OE1 (FM 92.0) Radio Austria International (SW 6155 kHz & 5945
kHz), Radio 1476 (MW 1476)

A basic aspect to the work of the austrian artist group "das fax
mattinger" is their alienating of sound material. Initially, it was the
guitar that, by means of unconventional playing as well as the use of
effects, was extensively abstracted, then they set out to deform recorded
music on vinyl by special "treatment" of the player. More recently,
they?ve been paying attention to the radio as a further medium of
experimentation using the apparatus as sound source which provides "raw
material" they play with and frequently manipulate.

rausch n
This piece is an attempt to translate motion into sound, to perceive the
"twisting moment" solely through the tone it produces.
The initiative for this piece was the idea that das fax mattinger have
experienced a round space differently than a rectangular one. Thus, this
composition is inspired by the picture "black circle" (1923) by Malevich
which deals with both geometric forms (circle and rectangular frame).
Mariella Greil ? the dancer spins around, circling around her own physical
axis, which again circles around the vertical axis of the space of the
performance. This is crucial. By means of spinning contiuously on the
floor, the dynamics are shifted into the centre. what das fax mattinger is
interested in is to plunge into an ecstatic movement; the strict form of
the composition is the framework for this intention, whereas its radical
reduction allows the greatest possible amount of nuances within a
microscopic scope.

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