January 17th - 1 000 040 Arts Birthday

on line:

Radio Kinesonus (Tokyo) - 14:00 GMT

pingfm (Weimar) - 20:00 - 21:00 GMT & 22:00 GMT - 23:00 GMT

Kunstradio (Vienna) - 21:00 GMT

Western Front + aaeol.ca (Vancouver) - 22:00 GMT


on site Vienna - 22:00 CET/ 21:00 GMT:

"doves are grey" by Sergej Mohntau
future garden, Schadekgasse 6, A - 1060 Vienna

pingfm will join the celebration of arts birthday with a
special webcast on friday, january 17th. pingfm will pick up the topic
that a recent broadcast has brought up: masks. researching the meaning of
"mask" in a historical, ethnological and sociological as much as in
technological context, pingfms video track emphazises the duality of
"masks" in pointing out what might probably lie underneath, while the
audio track escorts this uncovering of events with sound- and beatscapes
that engage in a constant dialogue. This acoustic dialogue, just like the
videos effort to reveal and detect, aims to oppose the two faces - surface
and imaginated hidden background - of a mask.

pingfm is a web-based broadcasting platform for audio-video experiments.
Since 2000 pingfm produces audio-video mixes for and with the use of the
internet - every sunday from 20:00 (cet). pingfm is a webcastband. the
process of mixing evolves most of the time around an underlying theme and
is done live. it is dedicated to explore the (im)possibilities of the
medium and enjoy the freedom of deformating our work.
streaming technology offers the possibility of worldwide reception, to
connect and interact with people around the globe. the very own aesthetic
of this technology, the mode of communication and the interfaces to other
media as radio, television, cinema, theater or club are aspects that are
of interest to the members of pingfm in their work.
pingfm is member of dfm rtv Int (http://dfm.nu) and of the experimenral
radio department of bauhaus university weimar (http://radiostudio.org).



ORF Kunstradio
Argentinierstr. 30a
A - 1040 Vienna
phone: ++431 50101 18277

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