hey everyone,

Here's a question. Myself and Ben Nevile used to run a site called
targetcircuitry, which can now be found at:

Unfortunately techno.ca stopped its streaming services, leaving all of our
archives offline and putting an end to our shows... Part of the demise of
free net.radio.. but still a disappointment. I'd like to do something about

It's been on my mind for awhile to see if there are communal or free access
sites out there that host Real Audio G2 streaming (we need a G2 server for
the files). If anyone knows of such a thing, let me know. We've got quite a
few excellent recordings and live sets, including a number of artists who
played live in Vancouver and Seattle: Kim Cascone, Sutekh, Safety Scissors,
Loscil, cid+eric, Tomas Jirku, Jetone, Mitchell Akiyama, and of course
myself and Ben [for those who do not recognise these names, this is all
experimental electronic material].

26 shows in all pre-recorded and a handful more still sitting around on
minidisc. It would be nice indeed to hear them online again for the benefit
of all. I'd be willing to convert them to other formats if this proves

Feel free to drop me a line if you can point me in any good directions.

best, and thanks,


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