Blanc-Mange Cinema Marathon

'Blanc-mange' [white eat], the well-known French dessert, has its roots in
medieval times. Figuratively it means "nonsense" or "trivial matters".
Although accused of being bland and unimaginative, white foods lend
themselves to be painted like a blank canvas.

Structured as a slow-food event, 'Blanc-Mange Cinema' comprises a
gastronomic, as well as cinematic experience. Food films will be screened on
an edible projection surface of white foods. Course after course, the films
unfold on a changing table-top-landscape, dependent on the viewer/diner's
appetite. Blanc-Mange Cinema offers a tasty critique on the idea of the
sterile 'white cube' gallery spaces where the 'do not touch' art dogma still
reigns. In our case, art is something to be consumed and internalised with

Digestible Designers: Zanzi/FoAM/ Rasa Alksnyte, Pieter De Wel, Maja
Kuzmanovic, Nat Muller
Spatial Design: FoAM /  Lina Kusaite
Media Designers: FoAM/ Nik Gaffney, Maja Kuzmanovic
Narrative Design & Text Research: Maja Kuzmanovic, Nat Muller

Date: Saturday, September 27th 2003
Time: 20.00 h
Location: FoAM lab, Koopliedenstraat/Rue des Commerçants 60-62, 1000
Entrance: 7,50 EUR
Dress Code: white!

!! Seating is limited. RSVP essential!!
Contact: nat@xxxxx 

This event is a part of FoAM's yearly theme 'nourish' and the first public
event of f0amf0od. f0amf0od is a series of events that explore food as an
additional medium in mixed reality settings. The process of preparation,
presentation and consumption of food, its related cultural rituals, and
their informal breaking are used to achieve the synaesthesia of sensual
perception in responsive environments.

More information: http://f0.am/f0od/

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