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Subject:        	Art Festival
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My name is Geert De Decker and organiser of a yearly 
"Independent Arts"-Festival. Our next Festival will be on Saturday 
10 April 2004 at Sint-Niklaas, Belgium.

This Festival offers space to exhibit and perform any form of 
creativity. Our public is young and we are focussing ourselves on a 
young public. Not only by adding local young artists to the Festival 
who have never exhibited their creativity before. But also by inviting 
international Mail-artists, independent artists and professional 
artists to share their artwork. Within a specific atmosphere 
completely focussed on the youth of today to show them that "Art 
is not boring".

At our Festival we will install one or more video corners where our 
visitors will be able to watch animation video, video art, independent 
film, art documentary, ... while relaxing.

We are looking for artists who wants to contribute with their video 
art. If you have a video which you would like to contribute to our 
Festival, please contact us? Our Festival is a non-profit 
organisation and organising it happens on voluntary base. Therefore 
we are unfortunately not able to pay any money for the video.

Yet, we hope that you might enjoy our young public with your video-
art. For your support we send a catalogue to every contribution.

If you might now somebody who would like to support our Festival 
with their video-art please would you like to pass on this 

Other artistic proposals for our Festival are also welcome.

Any question or remark concerning our Festival may be asked to 
us and we will answer it with pleasure. Or you may visit our 
website:  for more 

Thanks for your attention.

P.S. do not worry your e-mail address is not part of our database. 
We send this message to you only once and only for this call.

 De Decker Geert
 Sztuka Fabryka

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