I'm writing because I'm an artist working on a project
and am looking for venues for exhibition of the
project. I wondered if you could recommend any or
perhaps any curators who might be interested in the
project- or anyone who might be interested in having a
piece for their collection.

the project concerns digital monograms.
I use an online barcode generation service to produce
barcodes using information I feed it about the person
who possesses a particular object (usually it is their
initials- like a traditional monogram, date and other
info). The barcode can then be engraved or embroidered
etc onto object such as compacts, flasks, business
card holders, towels, sheets etc.

It's a play on the traditional 3-letter monogram that
used to be applied to objects to identify their
owners,  mending visual art with technology with
fashion and design etc...

I'm going to be distributing a few pieces soon- to the
collection of Sol LeWitt, Inez van Lamsweerde of
Matthew Marks gallery, Marc Jacobs of Louis Vuitton,
Matthew Barney and Bjork etc. There is also a 
possibility of doing an exclusive piece for the
artist's group etoy (postmasters gallery). I have also
been in touch with the curator of new media at the
Whitney Museum and it looks like I might have a spot
on the Artport site in fall/winter; I will also be
working with Paul Miller aka DJ Spooky that Subliminal
Kid soon and doing a show in yugoslavia as well.

I can send pics at your request (the files are too big
to send right now)
Please let me know if you can think of anyone/anywhere
that might be interested in this project or in having
a piece for their collection.

Jennifer Banach
Visual Arts Program Assistant
Real Art Ways

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