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Between Dresden and Prague.

from 7.p.m.

Joel Stern and Mattin

Joel Stern is an Australian artist based in London working with concrete
sound and free improvisation. He is been performing regularly in the London
improvisation circuit with musicians including Rhoda Davies, Alastair
Leslie, Musicgroupmusic. With Anthony Guerra, was featured on the Touch
Records compilation ringtones alongside ryoji ikeda, evan parker, fennesz,
etc. Joel is also involved with resonanceFM a radio art project of the
London Musicians Collective.


is a Basque artist based in London working with noise and free
improvisation using computer feedback. He is been performing at Festivals in
Europe including elektronikaldia ( Erts,
( and in London the free love festival and
freedom of the City 2002 organised by London Musicians Collective and
curated by Eddie Prevost and Evan Parker. He runs the record label w.m.o/r
which has release solo work by Mattin along with collaboration with Eddie
Prevost, Rosy Parlane, Denis Dubovtsev. He last release "Mendietan" has been
exhibit in Dublin (Arthouse) and Belfast (Catalyst arts).

tommorow at the Parukarka in Prague
music event by Joel Stern and Mattin

Jan Jelinek/Austria aka Farben (Klang), aka Gramm (Source) has released one
of 2001's best electronic full-lengths under his own name for the
Berlin-based Scape label.

Pavel Richter Band

electroacoustic free imprivised music from Prague
Pavel Richter - electric quitars,
Bharata Rajnosek - tenor, baryton sax,

Halka Tresnakova - performace

info about the project

Between Dresden & Prague

5. July 4th – 25th 2002: “artistic journey” between the two cities (places
and events indicated in the table). Local events, site-specific, will be
realized with the participation of the artists, people, musical bands,
schools, etc. Each event will have the Travel Tent as point of reference and
meeting point for the people involved. Other project’s pole will be the
Forman Brothers’ boat-theatre, main means of transport for the group of
people participating in the project and place of evening theatre plays and
performances. During the travel, in collaboration with the Czech
international radio channels “Radio Praha” and with the public Italian radio
network “Radio 2”, we will have a space for a daily chronicle of the events
and their results. The artistic journey will be an occasion for the people
to meet people coming from other countries and experiences and to experiment
their relation with the contemporary art and culture languages.

6. August-October 2002: preparation of the publication. The book is
organized in three parts:
a. A theoretical introduction, with contributions of authors from different
fields, on the concept of border,  communication between cultures and the
relation between contemporary art languages and other contemporary
b. A second part with the reproductions of the site-specific artworks of the
participating artists;
c. A third part containing the rough material collected during the project
realization, critically organized (photos, sketches, log-books,
7. From November 2002: book presentation and exhibitions with the artworks
realized by the artists during the artistic journey. This show will be
presented in many European cities. During this phase the artists and the
other people involved will give lectures at the Universities and Academies
of Prague,  Dresden, Berlin and Milan. The book will be distributed in the
whole Europe.

Center for Contemporary Arts
Jeleni 9
118 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic
tel +420 2 24373178
email: milos@xxxxxxx

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