Date:  Tue, 23 Jul 2002 12:00:23 +0100 
From:  honor <honor@xxxxxxxxx> 

Subject:  confirming time for com_link from makrolab 

This is a short email to confirm the times for the acoustic space research 
lab chat this week: 

25.07.02 [ Thursday 25 July ] 
1100 ->  [ GMT ] 
1200 ->  [ British Summer Time - present makrolab chronological zone ] 
1300 ->  [ Central European Time ] 
2100 ->  [ Australian Eastern Standard Time ] 

Please write back to confirm you can come. 

topics which we might like to talk about include: 

- the research we have been undertaking here for our proposed project 
'radio astronomy' <> 

- the logistics of how to move forward with some of the project ideas we 
would like to implement in collaboration with VIRAC 

- the nature of the on-site research which rasa, raitis, derek and marko 
can undertake  while visiting VIRAC in the next few weeks 

- the contents of the acoustic space lab reader/cdrom 

We hope the chat participants will be: 
- rasa and raitis (in riga) 
- derek holzer (in riga) 
- r a d i o q u a l i a (@ makrolab) 
- marko peljhan (@ makrolab) 
- zina and snow (in sydney) 
- stephen kovats (in london) 

+ possibly a few other makronauts (calum stirling, ewen chardronett, tim 
knowles, etc) 

Is it also OK if I ask Gavin Starks 
<>.  he's 
the streaming expert, who's also an astronomer. 


Our uplink is not very fast, meaning it isn't possible for us to send an 
outgoing audio/video stream.  We can *possibly* send a very low-bandwith 
audio stream (perhaps 8K), but it would probably be better if met in a 
net-conferencing environment, rather than trying to stream to one another. 
We can *receive* streams however, so if anyone wanted to *send* us a 
stream, we can probably pick it up. 

I suggest we attempt to meet in iVisit, so that we can: 
- take advantage of its low-bandwidth text based chat facility 
- have the option of sending/receiving a low-bandwidth webcam/video feed 
from anyone who wishes to send visuals. 
- have the option of utilising iVisit's (admittedly very bad) audio facility 

Is everyone OK with iVisit?  It can be downloaded from 
<>.  It is free and very simple to use. 

Makrolab have been using Stephen Kovats' Aurora room for our online 
meetings.  I think it would be ok to use this room again for this meeting. 

Please use the below instructions to connect to the Aurora room. 


1. Download iVisit 

2. Connect webcam or video camera to your computer, if you want to send 

3. Open iVisit 

4. When you open ivisit you should have 4 windows: 
- directory 
- chat window 
- local AV 
- guest list 
You need to focus on 'directory' 

5. Navigate to the Aurora Room, via the following path: 
- In the directory list choose "arts".  Double click on "arts" 
- then choose "private rooms".  Double click on "private rooms" 
- then choose "4". Double click on "private rooms" 
you will now see "aurora". 

6. Single click the little icon for entering a room at the bottom of the 
window (it is a little green arrow pointing at 2 orange people). 

7. Once you click this icon, you will be prompted for the password 
The password is:   uni 

8. Once inside, the other chatters will show up as little icons in the 
guest list. If you click once on their image, then a larger window will pop 
up on your desktop and you will see their video if they are sending any. If 
you don't have a camera to send video you can paste in a pict image which 
we'll see. 
We can communicate by using the text-based chat window. 



At the above time, I will also be at LambdaMOO just in case anyone has any 
troubles connecting via iVisit. 
Lambda can be reached using telnet. Use the following directions: 
- open telnet 
- open the following location:   telnet://  port: 8888 
- type connect guest (or connect with your character name if you have one) 
- follow the instructions lambda gives you to congigure your connection. 
- once you configured your connection, you will emerge in the 'Coat Closet'. 
- type @join emigre.  you will be transfered straight to Raving Mad Coma 
Theatre where I'll be waiting. 


Is this OK with everyone? 

Please write back soon. 

Must go now - not much wind power left to power the computer/internet router! 



ph: 44 (0)20 78641859 
icq#: 4291731 
ph: 44 (0)20 74015066 


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