<TITLE>&lt;&lt;sioe #37&gt;&gt;</TITLE>
<BLOCKQUOTE><FONT COLOR="#0000FF"><FONT SIZE="7">®adio Amgen &nbsp;&nbsp;<BR>
</FONT><FONT SIZE="5"><FONT FACE="Verdana"><U>www.radioamgen.com<BR>
</FONT><FONT SIZE="5"><FONT FACE="Verdana">sioe#037 gyda sj geiger<BR>
</FONT><FONT FACE="Geneva">al corrupt - theme &nbsp;#system corrupt#<BR>
fidel villeneuve - everybody have gun &nbsp;#fiend#<BR>
tllf - fydd y chwyldro ddim yn traws washi &nbsp;#promo#<BR>
kid 606 - gq on the eq &nbsp;#ipecac#<BR>
7? - radio &nbsp;#system corrupt#<BR>
nasakenai douji - because we want to (bjlips mix) &nbsp;#ncr#<BR>
dezinfekce - bud si jistej (noize punishment rmx) &nbsp;#hardliner#<BR>
hinyouki - track 3 &nbsp;#burning emptiness inc#<BR>
napalmed - up to the ears in noise &nbsp;#napal med#<BR>
datblygu - mat cwrw o uffern (sj geiger rmx) &nbsp;#promo#<BR>
lesser - mensa dunce squad (leg up program) &nbsp;#tigerbeat 6#<BR>
</FONT><FONT FACE="Verdana"><B><BR>
<FONT SIZE="2"><B>Datganiadiau:<BR>
Joan Of Ass [Lolita Storm &amp; DJ Disastronaut]<BR>
@ Clwb Ifor Bach, Caerdydd 11.07.02<BR>
Crymi DVD Zine<BR>
Allan nawr [Ankmusik 102] yn cynnwys Tystion, Radio-D, MC Mabon, Geraint Jarman, Gruff Rhys, Ectogram, Infinity Chimps, Bubblegun, Llwybr Llaethog, Radio B92, Zabrinski, Rheinallt H.Rowlands, Wendykurk, Fflaps 1987-1992 (Teyrnged i Jonny Evans) info: <FONT COLOR="#0000FF"><U>http://www.ankst.co.uk</U></FONT> &nbsp;&nbsp;neu yn syth o siop Ankstmusik &nbsp;<FONT COLOR="#0000FF"><U>http://www.ankst.net<BR>
Empty #3 Zine electroneg<BR>
Allan nawr. info: <FONT COLOR="#0000FF"><U>bu-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<BR>
<FONT SIZE="1">Noddwyd &nbsp;®adio Amgen gan:<BR>
Recordiau Fitamin Un. <FONT COLOR="#0000FF"><U>http://www.fitamin-un.com<BR>
</U></FONT><U><FONT COLOR="#0000FF"><FONT SIZE="4">http://www.radioamgen.com</FONT></FONT><FONT SIZE="4"> <BR>
</FONT></U><FONT SIZE="1">...new &nbsp;show every wednesday <BR>
...nouveaux émission chaque mercredi<BR>

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Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 17:05:46 +0200

Dear Friends of the Acoustic Spacelab,

You may remember my TopTen Smash Hit: "Kisloty DJ" that I made in Irbene
last year (http://acoustic.space.re-lab.net/lab/projects1.html). Despite
this European Mega Dance Track I've put my knowledge into composing
absolute electronic Underground Music, which seems to be the other
extreme of my passions. Tracks like "Good bye song to a martian" or
"Sustainable under-development" are full energetic subbass D'nB straight
technoid rave signals. You can listen to the mp3s at
http://www.slowrapid.org -> section: produced audio, while enjoying the

keep on raving*


*those readers of x-change that I never met before, and who therefore
don't know me personally,  may excuse the style of this message due to
the summer hotness in Leipzig these days...

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