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Sent: Wednesday, January 31, 2001 10:11 PM
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Subject: CHLS Looking for a Station Manager

CHLS - Radio Lillooet is on the air!   Canada's first development radio
station licence.

We need someone crazy enough to want to work for us on a six month

Can we offer good money?  No
Can we offer full time work? No
Can we offer a wild and unique experience?  Yes, with spades.

We need an interim Station Manager for a six month past time
contract.    For details of the duties, please contact Bernard Schulman
at 250.256.0137 or <bernard.schulmann@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Apply in writing by Feb 9th either to CHLS, Box 2124, Lillooet BC V0K
1V0 or email to Bernard Schulmann.

We highly encourage aboriginal people to apply as we have 50% local
aborginal population.

We will be paying about $10 a hour to start but can not guarantee more
than 20 hours a week at this time.   We hope to offer more hours when we
have a better sense of how much money will be available.   We are also
unsure what our long term structure will look like and therefore do not
wish to commit beyond six months at this time.

Lillooet is quirky small town in the interior of BC of about 3000 people
(5000 regionally).   Half the population is St'at'imc.   We are 2 hours
north of Whistler, 2 hours west of Kamloops and 4 hours from Vancouver.

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