THU 18 JAN 2001 20:00 +0100 (MET)

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Guests: Marko Peljhan (Ljubljana/SI) and
0100101110101101.ORG (Bologna/IT)

The more the data streams of the networks broaden, the more
difficult it gets, to find out about their processes and
origins. Even more so as such a perspective requires pretty
precarious methods: independent recording and evaluating of
data, trespassing closed systems, breaking up crusted
proprietary standards and attacking oldfashioned categories
like "public" and "private". What was formerly known as data
protection never meant more than securing the civil notion
of privacy against the supposed technological supremacy of
the state authorities. Within the new regimes basing on
immediate communication and permanent control the concept of
data security seems to shift towards a much broader meaning
of binformational self determination.

Guests of the second metabolics session in Munich
Muffathalle are Marko Peljhan, new media artist from
Slovenia, and 0100101110101101.org, the italian "artivists"

(1) Makrolab


In his work, Marko Peljhan frequently employs technology
from the military industrial complex. Peljhan's artistic
work is based on modular architecture, encrypted high
frequency, short-wave communication, sustainable energy and
food production, networks and integration systems,
publications and lectures.

Makrolab is a processual work-machine that is continuously
developed content wise and in its technological aspects
applying methods for the augmentation of maximum sensory
awareness and sensory connection through satellite
receivers, microwave links, short-wave radio and network
connections. The system uses space-control data for
representations of air traffic and routing.

Born in Sempeter pri Gorici, Slovenia in 1969, Peljhan lives
in Ljubljana. He studied theater and radio directing at the
University of Ljubljana. Concerning information environment
including telecommunications, he has developed his original
media art projects, such as performances, installations,
film, video and sound works since the first half of 1990. In
1992, he established the organisation 'PROJEKT ATOL' for his
creative activities.

MAKROLAB is an information base and self sustained
environment, realized at Documenta X (Kassel, 1997) and
Rottnest Island near Perth (2000). It's aim is to research
telecommunications, weather systems and migrations from an
isolated/insulated reflective environment. MAKROLAB's will
be set up around the world up until 2007, when it will be
placed in the Antarctic as a permanent art/science station.

In December 1999, Projekt Atol produced a work by the
slovene director Zivadinov "Biomehanika Noordung," a
performance in zero-gravity conditions performed during
parabolic flights in the skies over Russia. Selected group
exhibitons include Documenta X (Kassel, 1997), "L'autre
moite de l'Europe"(Jeu de Paume, Paris, 2000),
"World-information.org"(Brussels, 2000), and others. He is
the recepient of the Media Art Prize of ZKM Karlsruhe
(Germany) this year.


(2) life_sharing


life_sharing is an anagram of "file sharing". life_sharing
is a computer sharing its hard-disk with the whole world,
making all its contents accessible via Internet. "All"
does't mean a directory of the hard-disk but the whole
content of the computer: programs, system (all the software
used will be open source), desktop, archives, tools, ongoing
projects, mailboxes and so on. From the moment life_sharing
starts, every Internet user will have free access
twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year to
0100101110101101.ORG's computer: they could rummage through
archives, search for texts or files they're interested in,
check the software, watch the "live" evolution of projects
and even read 0100101110101101.ORG's private mail.

Users will access the contents through their browser, thus
no particular technical abilities is required, only the
basic notions necessary to surf the web. The computer
contents are not going to be periodically uploaded - thing
that is usually necessary to update a web site - because
0100101110101101.ORG will work directly on the shared
computer - the web server - so that users follow the
development of the work in real time, they will be always
present and up-todate. By this point of view it's somehow as
if an unlimited number of spectators had access to an
artist's atelier and assisted him/her during the development
of his/her work, being of no troubles at all.

The idea is both simple and full of implications that go
beyond the concept of a work of art being an object of
contemplation, and raises political, sociological,
philosophical and informational issues. life_sharing
determines and underlines problems and contradictions that
are no loner aesthetic, they are ethical.


METABOLICS / STOFFWECHSEL is going to present innovative
projects and debates in net.art, .culture and .politics on a
monthly basis, starting from january 2001, in the
Muffathalle in Munich. METABOLICS / STOFFWECHSEL#1 is
curated by Florian Schneider, Harald Staun and Dietmar
Lupfer. METABOLICS / STOFFWECHSEL will be streamed live and
stored in a database.

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