(This issue contains a few sound projects which X-CHANGEers may find 

You are invited to visit MASSAGE v3.0 at 
<http://www.nomadnet.org/massage3> for a stimulating rubdown on media, 
art and culture. 

In this issue, Katarina Soukup describes Radio Bicyclette, a mobile 
memory machine performed on the streets of Montreal in August 1998; 
Marjetica Potrc reflects upon the nature of architecture, ruins & human 
nature; Joseph Schaub reads Linda Kaufmann's Sick Boys and Bad Girls 
through a prism of the Starr Report; and Tim Nohe hears echoes of a 
complex Futurist past in p22's IL Futurismo: Soundtrack to a Font.

In the Project Room  EMMA -- those wily tricksters from Buffalo, NY -- 
turn canned music on its head with Pirate Radio Muzak. 

Readers will also find a link to Funding Atanarjuat an article by 
Marie-Helene Cousineau which appears on the Igloolik web site. This 
article illustrates the obstacles Inuit media producers face within the 
Canadian funding system.

MASSAGE v3.0 requires Netscape 4.0+ or I.E. 4.02 or higher (although we 
recommend Netscape) and QuickTime 3.0.

Thanks to Steve Bradley, Isuma and Keith Roberson.

Laura McGough

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