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<P>A very warm HELLO and a great new year to all Xchange members &amp;

<P>Kulturserver wants to invite You to our first event in 1999:

<P>LIVE at KULTURSERVER TV Saturday, January 16th from 21.00 CET at
<BR><A HREF="http://www.kulturserver.de";>http://www.kulturserver.de</A>


<P>A project by Berlin-based artists NINA FISCHER &amp; MAROAN el SANI
<BR>(Courtesy of Eigen + Art Gallery/Berlin).
<BR>There will be a live real-video stream and a chat with many interesting
<BR>guests, which are discussing about Nina&acute;s &amp; Maroan`s Performance
<BR>their art.

<P>--------------T R Y&nbsp; I T !
<BR>Nina Fischer and Maroan el Sani will introduce a method for non-tech
<BR>telecommunication. In their appearance on Kulturserver TV they present
<BR>a practise bound part involving a simple training course.

<P>--------------A N Y B O D Y !
<BR>Telecommunication without cable, glass fibre or satellite is not possible?
<BR>Wireless communication makes you totally independent and always

<P>--------------A N Y W H E R E !
<BR>2 revolutionize the world of online community!
<BR>2 revolutionize the world of telecommunication!

<P>--------------J O I N !
<BR>A chat forum will provide occasions to dig into the background of their
<BR>medial existences.

<P>Moderation: Krystian Woznicki (journalist &amp; curator)

<P>--------------C H E C K&nbsp; I T&nbsp; O U T !
<BR>For latest infos check the BE SUPERNATURAL Community, online from
<BR>Dec.16th on <A HREF="http://www.kulturserver.de/home/supernatural";>http://www.kulturserver.de/home/supernatural</A>

<P>Yours sincerely &amp; hope to meet You at the chat.

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Below is a press release for the second School of Sound.  Full details can be
found at www.audioarts.com/schoolofsound...My apologies if you have already
received this info.


You wish to see, listen: hearing is a step towards vision.

15-18 April 1999

The second SCHOOL OF SOUND, a four-day symposium exploring the use of sound
with moving images, will be held at the French Institute, London from 15-18
April 1999.

The unique symposium will take a comprehensive look at the structure and
evolution of the modern soundtrack, investigating the creative processes which
result in the synthesis of sound and moving image in film, video and multi-
media.  Aimed at producers, directors, writers, editors, composers, animators,
multi-media artists and all those who suspect that the soundtrack can be
infinitely more than merely a tedious post-production necessity, the School
will present a rare amalgam of intellectual debate directly linked to the
audio-visual and entertainment industries.  

In a programme of special presentations devoted to post-production, music
composition, multimedia and the business side of sound production, the most
influential and inventive practitioners and educators in the business will
explain their concepts for creating soundtracks.

Special sessions will be devoted to Hollywood sound design, the ?new acoustic?
of multimedia and computer games, music composition for screen and  the
business of creating soundtracks.  Sound in theatre and writing effective
sound for screen will also be covered.

Professionals, £385 + VAT; students, £160 + VAT; a limited number of student
bursaries available for UK residents. 

For application details, tel/fax +44.(0)171.586.3056

Proposed speakers (subject to confirmation)

Randy Thom
Sound Designer who created the soundtracks for Contact, Wild at Heart, Mars
Attacks, Forest Gump, and The Right Stuff (Academy Award for Best Sound)

Jocelyn Pook
Composer for drama, dance, documentary and theatre. Currently scoring
Kubrick?s Eyes Wide Shut.

Mike Figgis
Composer, musician and director of Leaving Las Vegas, One Night Stand and the
forthcoming The Loss of Sexual Innocence

Simon Fisher Turner
Noise and music composer whose credits include Blue by Derek Jarman

Michel Chion
Composer, theorist, filmmaker and author of Audio Vision: Sound on Screen

Roberto Perpignani
Italian film editor who trained with Orson Welles and worked with the Taviani
Brothers, Bertolucci, Zanussi and Mike Radford (Il Postino)

Peter Kubelka
Experimental film-maker, archivist and chef

Mani Kaul
Seminal Indian film-maker and cultural theorist

Paul Webster
Chief Executive of Film Four Ltd.

Piers Plowright
Former Producer of drama and documentary features, BBC Radio

Simon McBurney
Artistic Director, Theatre de Complicite

John Broomhall
Producer and Head of Audio, MicroProse UK, publisher of computer entertainment

Owe Svensson
Sound Mixer with Andrei Tarkovsky, analyses the soundtrack forThe Sacrifice

Christopher Frayling 
Rector at the Royal College of Art in London; biographer of Sergio Leone

Andre Ktori
Digital artist, AudioRom

Nick Laviers
Head of Audio for video game producer Electronic Arts Ltd UK

Adele Kellett
Sound Designer, Electronic Arts Ltd UK

Mark Hall
Director of Cosgrove Hall Films animation studios

Christian Wangler
Sound recordist, producer

Keith Griffiths
Independent producer of fiction, documentary and animation,
Illuminations/Koninck (Institute Benjamenta, London, The Falconer and Radio

Richard Holmes
Producer of Shooting Fish and Waking Ned; Vice-Chair of Film at the Producers?
Alliance for Cinema and Television

Jake Milton
Musician/composer, speaking on the use of music technology in screen

Phil Parker
Screenwriter and Course Director, MA Screenwriting at the London Institute

Shoma A. Chatterji
Indian film critic highlights the use of sound in arthouse and mainstream
Indian cinema

Michael Chanan
Senior Lecturer at the London College of Printing analyses the work of Latin
American documentarist Santiago Alvarez

Chris Watson
Sound recordist specialising in wildlife sound for film; M.I.B.S., 
Jon Wozencroft
Editor, Touch (A-V publisher); Tutor in Sound and Graphics, Royal College of


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