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A very international program @ De Balie in Amsterdam that we decided to put
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Wonderland #2.1

Saskia Sassen: Virtual Money <> Global Society

An evening program about the virtual economy of the information age

Monday January 18th, 1999.
De Balie, Amsterdam, grote zaal, 20.30 uur
and: http://www.balie.nl/live

Saskia Sassen has been invited by political cultural centre De Balie in
Amsterdam, to open a new series of Wonderland programs with a critical
examination of the global economy and the virtualisation of money in global
financial networks.

The public debate about the information society appears completely
preoccupied with the Internet and continuous discussions about "harmful
content". Meanwhile the global economy is steadily expanding in her own
financial and transnational digital networks. The most crucial changes in
society are, however, determined by this latter development, which remains
thoroughly unaddressed in the wider public debate. Hyper-mobile capital and
global speculation are the symptoms of the new networked economy.
How do these networks actually operate? What is the influence these new
international capital flows have on our economy? Who benefits from these
developments? Has money really become virtual? And what does it mean for
developing societies?

Saskia Sassen is Professor of Sociology, at the University of Chicago.
Together with Manuell Castells she is one of the foremost theoreticians of
the emerging information society. She acquired world fame with her book
"The Global City" (1991), in which she shows how in the development of
major urban centres the localised effects of the new global economy become
visible. Her most recent books are Globalization and its Discontents:
Selected Essays 1984-1998 (New York: New Press 1998) and Losing Control?
Sovereignty in an Age of Globalization. (Columbia University Press 1996).
Her books have been  translated into several languages. The Global City has
recently appeared in French (Descartes, Paris 1996), Italian (UTET, Milano
1998), and Spanish (UBA, Buenos Aires 1998). She is currently completing
Immigration Policy in the Global Economy: From National Crisis to
Multilateral Management, sponsored by the Twentieth Century Fund. and has
begun a new project on "Cities and their Crossborder Networks" sponsored by
the United Nations University.

It is also possible to participate in this evening via the Internet at the
following  address:

The lecture will be broadcast live, together with a moderated chat channel
for feedback to Amsterdam. This broadcast is organised in co-operation with
the Digital City Amsterdam


* Essay: The Global Economy: its necessary instruments and cultures:

* Other essays (in English and German) can be found via Telepolis on-line
magazine search engine - Author: Saskia Sassen:

* Bandwidth and Accountability - An Interview with Saskia Sassen by Geert

The Wonderland series will investigate different aspects of the emerging
information society, throughout the year 1999. Cultural, social, and
political debates, scenarios, controversies, mythologies and expectations,
encounter each other in continuously changing settings.

Tickets and reservations:

By phone: 020 - 5535100. Mo till Thu v14.00 - 20.00 hrs., Fri. 14.00 -
22.30 hrs and Sat 17.00 - 22.30 hrs.
Ticket-price: Y12,50 (Y 10,00 CJP/PAS65/Stadspas/Collegekaart)

De Balie, Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10, Amsterdam.

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