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Betreff: The 15 DAB-Commandments protect the creative community (Re:
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Datum: Thu, 07 Jan 1999 09:34:05 +0100
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> Kenneth Shum schrieb:
> Dear Sir,
> I'm an enginner from a radio station in Hong Kong.
> Some music composors worries the copyright would be infringed if
> digital copying is able through DAB. Is there any technical measure to
> ease their worries.
> Looking forward to your advice.
> Thank you.
> Kenneth Shum

Dear Mr. Shum,

any form of digital music-distribution bears the possibility of (nearly)
loss-free copying and (il)legal redistribution. That is why my proposal
of 1995 proposes a kind of firewalled digital output that is built into
the receiver. Payment shall be achieved for the actual listened-to
minutes of a piece of music and shall be exchanged directly between the
musicians and their listeners. The personal data of the listeners is
stripped in the payment-process, possibly by implementing a
micropayment-system, which you will fill by charging the receiver-unit
with digital cash, that can not be tracked due to its non-personalized

I am still trying to convince the music-industry, the musicians lobby
organizations, the broadcasters and the electronics-industry that the 15
DAB-Commandments are the way to go. One part of the realisation of my
"learnig radio system" is still in its infancy state: the digital
archive, in which every piece of audio has its defined copyright
holder(s) and price. To build this digital archive completely, at least
5 years are still to pass in Germany. This is a good time-frame for my
work to continue, which will hopefully lead to a solution that will
satisfy the listeners as well as the creators of audio-programming
(words or music alike).


Frank Fremerey
Bonn 7 January 1999

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